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"From the minute you jump in the Kook Katz bus, you know you're in
for a unique surfing experience.... Terry is a fun, joking aussie bloke who loves what he does. The class was great - no extended theory - just all action from word go! They offer the no stand up, no pay guarantee - and in our class, everyone managed to get up with no big problems. They may be the cheapest surf school in Byron, but certainly doesn't mean they're not the best... give them a go and you'll have a great afternoon!''
Travis Pittman, Europe
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"I also did a half day in Byron for fun with Kool Katz surfing school. If you are in Byron, I totally recommend going out with this outfit. The guy that ran our lesson was a hoot. I saw him recently on the "Wild on... Australia" on the E! cable channel. He is a crazy guy and you should have fun.''
Aaron Blythe, (on the internet- www.engr.uiuc.edu)

"I was the kid who always had a note from his mum excusing him from swimming lessons. So I was beginning to wonder quite how I had ended up on a surf board with a shaggy, blond-haired, Gerard Depardieu lookalike ... An hour into the lesson and I was looking forward to a refund ...Then Nirvana. For once I caught a wave ... I managed to stay upright until coming to a gentle halt near the shore. Gerard was delighted, too, probably because he would get to keep my money. After that I manged three or four more successes before exhaustion set in ...''
Adrian Lee, Sunday Express

"So Glad I didn't choose any other surf company! You guys rock. Love the location, the coach was crazy cool. Hang Ten and Cowabunga!''
Steve Bolton, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

"Must be the reason we came to Oz. Fantastic fun! Thanks.''
Kate, Canadian surfer chickie

"Surfing lessons: first day of surfing was amazing! I stood up on the first try! It felt like snowboarding but on water. ....Ohhhh, so many great memories. Our instructor was this guy, Terry. He had the mannerisms of Gerard Depardieu with a face like Nick Nolte and the personality of Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter)! He was so hilarious and was a really good surf coach! His company is Kool Katz surfing in case you're in town. It was great learning on an uncrowded beach. He drove us to Lennox Head (south of Byron, about 20 minutes away) at Seven Mile Beach. No people in the morning! whoo hoo! And after surfing while he loaded the surf boards on the truck, we got to swim in Lake Ainsworth. It's this amazing lake that looks like a big pot of TEA! Seriously, like black tea! Terry said it was because of all the tea tree oil that would seep into the lake from the tea trees on the shore. Oh, it was luxury.''

"Pretty exciting. Indeed we could make the 40 yards. Great fun!''
Andie and Tom, Holland

Surfage a Trois

''When we came to Byron we decided to go with a private lesson for 3 (The Surfage a Trois) with Kool Katz. It meant we could have a hothouse session and not get bogged down with others in a bigger group who didn't get it!! Everything was tailored, from the wetsuits,
the pick up and drop off to the surfing location for the prevailing conditions.
We were completely charmed by Terry's approach to teaching surfing. We were all beginners and, as promised, Terry got us all up in our only lesson. Terry gave us all we needed to know and was honest and straight up. I'd recommend it to anyone on their trip to Byron.
It's soo entertaining, you feel all Layne Beachley when you stand up.
Terry is a complete crack up. You get what you need without floundering on your own, and its all under the watchful eye of a guy that knows his stuff!''
Bec (UK), Shelly and Woody (Sydney)

''Yesterday, at the age of 53, I had my first ever surfing lesson with Kool Katz. I would like to thank them for being so patient with me and making it such an enjoyable experience. I wasn't exactly the best pupil - I am sure that I was a challenge to their patience, but they all gave me helpful tips when I erred from the path. I managed to stand on the board a couple of times and hopefully I will get the time to come back for another lesson and progress a bit more. Thanks to all the team.'' -
Roslyn Savage,

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